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Our why

Vessel Studios was created with the intention to support two things: To CREATE a vessel or FILL your vessel.


Every day that you show up for a class or workshop, you get to choose what you need. We are dynamic beings, our needs shift daily and the studio was create with this in mind. Yoga is a tool one can use to help facilitate a sense of deep belonging. When this belonging is found, magical things can happen. Inspiration can lead us on great adventures on and off the mat. 

The type of yoga we teach here is a none dogmatic approach to a movement and meditation practice. Every instructor has their own special flavor to inspire you to grow in your practice. Our classes range from very chill to very dynamic. Come to relax or come to sweat or maybe a bit of both. We have it all :) 

What We Offer

Group Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Classes

Studio Rentals 

Emaill for more info 

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