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Welcome to Vessel Studios FAQ Page! We have posted our polices here for your convenience. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions! 

Where are we located?

Our address is 592 Eastern Parkway. We are located in the basement entrance to the left side after you enter the gate to the building. 


What to wear & what to bring for class?

Wear a comfortable outfit that you can move freely in.  We have all the props you need for class (mats, blocks, etc).


How do I schedule a class?

Please sign up for class on the website under "class schedule." It's best to sign

up before class so the instructor can anticipate your arrival. If you are having difficulty signing up feel free to email us to let us know you are coming at If you are running late please email us to let the instructor know. 


How long do class packages last and whats your cancelation policy?

First time class packs last 1 month from date of purchase. All other class packs expire after 6 months. If you need to cancel a class you registered for you can do so at least 2 hours before the start of class. 


Are classes women only?

Yes, we are specialty studio catered to creating an all-women's space. We occasionally have events that are open to all. These will clearly be marked "Open to All." 


When should  I arrive for class?

Please arrive 5 or 10 minutes early for class to settle in and set up your practice space. 


Can I still come to class even though I've never practiced yoga before?

Yes! We recommend coming to these classes: Restorative, Deep Flow, or if you are up for the challenge you can join an Open Level Flow. 


Do you offer refunds?

No, please book confidently. We do not offer refunds. 

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