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Class Descriptions

This open level flow class is taught in the vinyasa style of yoga. This is characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath. This class is good for all levels 

In restorative yoga poses are  set up for long holds with the support of props, such as folded blankets, bolsters or blocks to relax the body and reduce stress. We like to think of this class as a guided nap to create an environment for deep relaxation.

This is a vigorous, strength-based class, with emphasis on the core, building flexibility and endurance. This class is for intermediate to advanced practitioners. This class will make you sweat! 

This dynamic hour-long Contemporary Pilates class is open to movers of all levels seeking a rigorous but low-impact workout. Often described by participants as "slow, deep, fun, and sweaty," this class will leave you feeling connected, centered, and expansive from the inside out. 

In this slow-paced class we spend more time in each posture. This allows students to get really deep into poses with time to understand proper alignment as well as time for personal reflection. This class is appropriate for all level students.

Yoga Pilates Fusion is a movement class that builds core strength and improves posture while increasing flexibility and reducing stiffness. Pilates exercises are aimed at strengthening the core abdominal muscles. Yoga postures focus on breathing and lengthening the body. Join us for this fun class that fuses the best of both practices. 

Deep Flow

Power Flow

Open Level Flow



Yoga Pilates Fusion


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